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Twinkle Baby


Dolls made with a child in mind...



          * Any kit up to 18 inches that is $50 or less

          * Painted Hair or Bald

          * Awake (Acrylic Eyes) or Sleeping Baby

          * Doe Suede Body

          * Up to 4 lbs in Premium Micro Glass Beads & Hypoallergenic Poly Fill

          * Genesis Heat Set Paints and Dewy Skin Medium Finish

          * 1 Outfit & Blanket

          * 1 Magnetic Pacifier

          * 1 Magnetic Bow (if a girl)

          * Birth Certificate with ‘Twinkle Toes Nursery by Kristina B. Reborn Packet’


     Price: $350.00 + shipping

          Non-Refundable deposit of $100 is due prior to starting. Remaining amount plus shipping is due within three (3) days of completion.


**FREE SHIPPING if paid in full at the time of purchase within the United States. 


If anyone is wondering what a Twinkle Baby is, they are reborns I create with a child in mind. The quality is just the same as a normal reborn however the Twinkle Baby has painted hair, a little lighter in weight, and are only made from kits that are up to 18 inches long and kits that cost $50 or less. Contact me for more details. 


What inspired them were the little girls my Mom babysits, they love the dolls I make and wanted one of their own. Each of the girls have Twinkle Babies now and some of their cousins do as well. Recommended for ages 10 and younger. 


Another inspiration was my Grandma who is in a nursing home. She loves to have something to care for and cuddle, her Twinkle Baby is a preemie and has no magnets because of being in the nursing home there is a lot of medical equipment/devices that could be harmed by them. 


Magnets can be placed in the Twinkle Baby, by request only. 

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Twinkle Toes Nursery

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