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About Me...


In 2005 I graduated from high school and continued on to college. In 2010, I graduated from college with an Associates Degree in Radiologic Technology. I got a job after college and was working at a private doctor's office and while I loved what I was doing, I still felt like something was missing.

I started reborning September of 2011 and I absolutely love reborning! I love art and have taken many classes throughout the years including in college and I have finally found something I can do to use my 'many talents' as my parents tell me. I also love children and I am surrounded by them all the time, they are my inspiration. While I am not working as an x-ray tech right now, I am at home doing what I love and am passionate about, art and being around kids.


In December of 2014 I was featured in Reborn World Magazine. I was honored to be given the oppurtunity to be a featured artist. Here is a short snipet of what was in the article: 


"When it comes to practicing a specialty in the reborn industry, artist and collector Kristina has it all figured out. Reborn World is thrilled to introduce you to this newer doll designer who not only makes traditional reborn babies, but also specializes in a unique line of dolls with young children as her target customers. The development of her ‘Twinkle Baby’ series is a passion that she now pursues by making reborns for little girls who drool and pine over owning a life-like baby doll just like their moms, aunties and sisters have.


Kristina reports candidly that she loves reborns so much that there wouldn’t be a life without them. Even if she someday had to stop making them for profit, they would still live in her heart and home until the end of time. Yet with her enthusiasm, family support and future goals, the chances of her ever stopping are highly unlikely." ~ Reborn World Magazine


In 2019, I made the decision to leave radiology and pursue reborning full time. My Mom babysits in our home and so now that I was going to be working from home, I am able to help her out with the kids. Early in 2020, my Mom had major back surgery and I decided that since she would need six months to a year to recover I would take over watching the kids during the day for her and now she helps me. 

You can contact me through email and I typically respond the same day, however sometimes I will receive the email while I am taking care of the four sweetest little boys. This is why I have my hours set below to a certain time frame. If I don't get back to you right away you can expect a response between those times. Thanks for understanding.


Pennsylvania, United States



Monday thru Friday - 5 pm to Midnight

Saturday & Sunday - 11 am to Midnight


Closed on major US holidays


eBay ID: rebornartkristinab

YouTube: rebornart kristinab

Instagram: rebornartkristinab

Facebook: Twinkle Toes Nursery by Kristina B



Artist, Kristina B.

Twinkle Toes Nursery

Where dolls are brought to life...

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